Studio Information


Dance Instructor
Iryna was Disco Dance Champion in her teen years growing up in Ukraine. When she moved to the U.S., she started to venture into the world of Ballroom Dance and in just a few years gained the title of United States American Rhythm Finalist with her husband, Aaron DeSoto. In fact, it was Aaron who taught her how to do ballroom.

Iryna enjoys the fast dances like Cha Cha, Swing, and Mambo and it’s quite obvious as she is a spitfire on the floor! You can see her Disco Dance experience come out in those dances, especially during her quick turns and crazy tricks. When dancing, you can often catch Iryna lip-syncing the songs as she truly loves any music that makes her move.

When it comes to teaching, Iryna’s passion overflows and she desires to share that passion with every single student. She loves to push her students to achieve the most they can because she believes dance improves everyone’s lives.

Dance Instructor
Larry is originally from Jacksonville, Florida. He enjoys the West Coast Swing and his favorite competitive style is American Smooth. When asked what he loves most about teaching, Larry says, “it’s having the opportunity to provide students with something that can, and often times does, change the course of their lives for the better. There is nothing more satisfying than bringing students joy through dance.”
When asked what most people don’t know about him, he says he enjoys snowboarding in the winter and riding his motorcycle in the summer.Larry says that he admires his father, Bill Davy, the most. He says his father always tries to be the best man he can be and he challenges him to do the same.

Dance Instructor
Val is originally from Ukraine Ternopil. His favorite dance is Foxtrot and Mambo. When asked what most people don’t know about him, he says he enjoys indie music, playing guitar, and photography. Val says he admires his family because they encourage and support his dreams of being a professional ballroom dancer. He loves teaching the most when he is introducing ballroom dancing to new students and being able to change their lives one step at a time.
Front Desk Executive
Kelly is a Chicagoland native. Out of all the competition styles Kelly enjoys watching American Smooth the most. Her favorite dances are the Hustle and Waltz. When asked what she loves most about being a part of the administrative staff, Kelly says “witnessing first hand how dancing can change people’s lives.” One thing most people do not know about Kelly is that she has a degree in Social Work. 
Supervisor/Dance Director

Kimi was born in Kobe, Japan. Her competition styles are American Rhythm and Smooth. When asked what she loves most about teaching, Kimi says, “Watching people have fun and enjoy each other’s company as a couple. Witnessing people transform into dancers they didn’t know they could be.”
When asked who she admires most, Kimi says, “My boss Bill Davy. He is tough and expects the most out of you, but he’s still a regular person who cares about people.”
One thing most people do not know about Kimi is that she went to college for an engineering degree. She fell in love with dancing and never went back to school! She enjoys most music and her favorite dances are the Tango and the Cha Cha.

Training Director/Studio Owner

Kim is a Dyer, Indiana native. When asked what she loves most about teaching she says, “Introducing new clients to the exciting world of dancing!”
One thing most people do not know about Kim is that she has a pet turtle named “Marguerita.” Kim likes Country Music the most and her favorite dances are the West Coast Swing and the Tango.

Training Director/Studio Owner

Bill hails from Chicago, Illinois. His competition styles were Pro/Am and Professional  American Smooth, Rhythm and Theatre Arts. When asked what he loves most about teaching he says, “Watching the transformation from non-dancer to dancer.”
He says he admires his wife, Kim, the most because “through all the ups and downs of entrepreneurship, she has stood by me with love, bravery and confidence, which has given me confidence to move forward.”
One thing most people do not know about Bill, is he likes playing paintball. Bill enjoys smooth Jazz music and his favorite dance is the Foxtrot.