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Dance Instructor
Alissa was born and raised in Hampshire, IL. She is very active and involved with her community. An animal lover, Alissa grew up around horses and worked as an Equine Specialist for Equine Assistant Psycho Therapy.  Her Bachelors in Social Work provided her with the opportunity to council kids and families with the help of horses. She has been involved with dance since the age of 3 and has a wide background in Ballet, Jazz, Hip Hop, Ballroom, and Modern Dance.  Not only does Alissa dance, but she is also a member of the theater community. She has been involved in over 30 theater productions, as a performer, and a choreographer. Alissa loves both Smooth and Rhythm dances but her all time favorite dance is the Swing!

Dance Instructor

Chloe may look nice and sweet, but this lady earned her Black Belt in Martial Arts and can definitely throw a punch! That’s right; she is a woman with strength and focus, which are her best qualities when it comes to teaching.Chloe is of Polish heritage yet was born and raised in Chicago. She dabbled in ballet and jazz as a child (like most little girls do), but she placed martial arts as her first go-to hobby. It is clear that she wanted to be a part of something “different”.  And that’s exactly why she fits in so well with our team.She discovered our studio through an acquaintance of hers who was related to our Area Franchiser, Rae Josephs. He advised her to “give them a call and see what they’re about” and she simply followed through. After being interviewed to take on an instructor position, she felt there was no place she’d rather be but in the studio. She left her studies for Interior Design in August of 2011 and completely submerged herself at Fred Astaire Franchised Dance Studios. She knew from the moment she walked through our doors that this was her calling and that fate brought her here. We completely agree.Her biggest weakness is expressing herself through the use of words, which is why she felt so connected to the world of ballroom dancing. Each dance shares a certain emotion and she enjoys the ability to show her heart through the tangos, rumbas, and mambos. She loves how she can express herself completely and clearly―without using a single word. This is something she enjoys seeing her students learn as well. She feels that there are no words to express success but a smile on her students’ faces! Chloe currently competes with Joel  (Owner of Fred Astaire Franchised Dance Studios – South Barrington) in the American Rhythm division and wishes to become a United States Rising Star finalist.

Dance Instructor

Humble is a perfect work to describe Evgeniy. Though he is one of the most decorated dancers in our region, you will never imagine the types of titles he has acquired. One of them being part of the World’s Top Ten Dancers, which he achieved through the biggest dance competition and “The World’s First and Foremost Festival of Dancing”―Blackpool Dance Festival.He was born and raised in Kiev, Ukraine and has studied many different styles of dance since the early age of 5. He ended up focusing on ballroom dancing and has become a two-time International Latin champion of his homeland. Looking for an opportunity to share his talents to the U.S., he moved to the country in January 2013 and began his official teaching career with Fred Astaire Franchised Dance Studios. While in the U.S., he has entered the Latin finals of The United States Dance Championships―America’s largest ballroom competition.
It is clear that he not only has a passion for dance, but shows true talent which is evident by his accomplishments. We here at South Barrington are absolutely thankful to have him part of our team and help us raise the bar for all of our current and newcomer students. If you have a goal in dance, you can be rest assured that Evgeniy will take you to your greatest heights!

Front Desk Executive
Kseniya was born in Russia and came here at the age of 1 with her parents. She still speaks, reads, and writes Russian fluently. Kseniya loves to travel and enjoys experimenting with different foods in the kitchen. She loves sports especially soccer and has been playing competitively since the age of 5. She is always the friendly “Hello” on the other end of the phone or behind the desk. She proudly upholds the studio motto “Yes is the answer, what is the question”. She loves being part of the Fred Astaire South Barrington family!

Dance Director
Nick joined the Fred Astaire Illinois family in 2008. His ballroom journey inspired him to become the Co-Owner of the Fred Astaire South Barrington Studio. Nick comes from a musical background, being a devoted Alto Saxophone Player, and a guitarist. Since starting with Fred Astaire Dance Studios he has become a major competitor in the American 9 dance division. He holds the prestigious title of Dance Director of the Fred Astaire South Barrington studio, which entails him preparing students and staff for level passing and exams, as well as inspiring them for shows and competitions. He has reached the highest level in his own dancing, by achieving the Professional Gold Level.
Training Director/Studio Owner
Joel started working at the Fred Astaire South Barrington studio in 2010 as a dance instructor. He comes from a very musical background. His family was always involved in the community and church as active members of a Spanish Choir, which led Joel to play the drums and become a dancer. He competes at high levels in the Professional Open Smooth and Professional Open Rhythm Divisions with his partner, Chloe. In competitions, Joel achieved finalist status as well as becoming a national mixed novice champion. He is the proud Co-Owner of Fred Astaire South Barrington. When he is not at the studio training his staff, or practicing for his upcoming competitions, Joel can be found in the boxing ring, sparring with his opponents.

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