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Dance Instructor
Aaron comes to South Barrington with a vast knowledge of music and dance. Growing up he was involved in band, choir, and orchestra where he played the Clarinet and Violin.  Aaron still loves playing his Clarinet and Tenor Saxophone! Not only is he very musically inclined but he has been dancing for over 10 years. He studied dance at the Missouri Valley College where he was on the Competitive Cheerleading Squad. Aaron was on Competitive Lyrical, Jazz, Contemporary and Acro dance teams as well. He enjoyed being a student of dance so much, that he went on to teach dance to kids, as well coach ICE All Star Cheer.  His favorite part of teaching is being able to take students on a journey that leads them to falling in love with dance. Aaron’s favorite dances are the Waltz and Tango, but he enjoys dancing both styles!


Dance Instructor

Mark was born in Chicago, IL. He began dancing with Fred Astaire Dance Studios in 2010. After working in Health and Fitness; he loves to bring his energy and positive attitude to the dance floor. Dance is not something you’re born good or bad at; Fred Astaire says, “All the good dancers I’ve known have been taught or trained.” As an instructor at the South Barrington Studio Mark believes atmosphere is the most important. Fun, easy, and energetic lessons are what make dancing such a great experience for our students.
Dance Instructor

Meghan grew up in the South Suburbs of Chicago, Illinois. Her competition styles are American Rhythm and Smooth in Pro-Am and in Professional her style is American Rhythm.  When asked what she loves most about teaching, Meghan says, “helping people achieve their dreams and goals. No matter how big or small, it is truly rewarding.”Meghan says the person she admires most is her cousin, Kristen, who taught her to cherish every experience and live with love and passion. One thing most people do not know about Meghan is that her favorite activity next to dancing is snowboarding. She enjoys the challenge of extreme sports!Meghan enjoys Indie Rock as well as Rhythm and Blues and her favorite dances are the Tango and the Mambo.

Dance Instructor

Valentyn joins our team from Ternopil, Ukraine where he started dancing at the young age of 4. He particularly excelled in the international Latin style but quickly took up Ballroom as well. He considers the Rumba and Foxtrot his two favorite dances. He spent several years competing while also enjoying his hobbies of playing the guitar and ukulele. Val is new to the Chicagoland area and is excited to explore our beautiful city! He is looking forward to teaching beginner and advanced students alike! Stop by to meet this friendly young gentleman!

Dance Instructor
This model/actress turned dancer hails from Kiev, Ukraine and has been in America since September 1994. She has been involved in various print, runway, tradeshow, and promotional modeling since the age of 20 and has learned to dance loosely in order to expand her repertoire in the business. While searching for her next gig, she came across one of our ads and felt it was a great opportunity that combines stability for work as well as a passion for the arts. Upon entering the studio, she completely fell in love with what the studio offered and knew that she wanted to grow within our company.She currently is a full time dance instructor with us, while still attending Columbia College Chicago for Musical Theatre and Dance.  Talk about dedication in the arts! Not only is she dedicated in her studies, she has a passion to see her students grow in dance the same way she did. One of her greatest abilities is to transfer concepts in a simple manner for any newcomer student to understand. It is because of that she is able to get her students to progress quickly in dance. Oh and don’t be intimidated by her model physique as she is one of the most caring ladies you will ever come across. She will take your hand, walk you through every step, and give you the confidence to handle dance on your own!

Training Director/Studio Owner
Kim is a Dyer, Indiana native. When asked what she loves most about teaching she says, “Introducing new clients to the exciting world of dancing!”
One thing most people do not know about Kim is that she has a pet turtle named “Marguerita.” Kim likes Country Music the most and her favorite dances are the West Coast Swing and the Tango

Training Director/Studio Owner
Bill hails from Chicago, Illinois. His competition styles were Pro/Am and Professional  American Smooth, Rhythm and Theatre Arts. When asked what he loves most about teaching he says, “Watching the transformation from non-dancer to dancer.”
He says he admires his wife, Kim, the most because “through all the ups and downs of entrepreneurship, she has stood by me with love, bravery and confidence, which has given me confidence to move forward.”
One thing most people do not know about Bill, is he likes playing paintball. Bill enjoys smooth Jazz music and his favorite dance is the Foxtrot.