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Enriching lives - physically, mentally, emotionally & socially - through the positive, transforming power of dance.



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Your physique and social life aren't the only things that will benefit from ballroom dancing; your mind will also become sharper than ever!

When dancing, brain functions such as decision-making and rational thinking are activated. Every time you learn new steps, these brain functions get stronger.

This will improve memory, decrease stress levels, and enhance overall brain health.
Who said you can't have fun while maintaining a healthy brain?

The Many Benefits of Ballroom Dancing!!

Ballroom dancing is a perfect combination of physical activity, social interaction, and mental stimulation, and it will bring so many benefits to your life.

Here are a few benefits that so many students experience

  • Great workout
  • Documented physical and mental health benefits
  • Will enhance your social life and self-confidenc
  • Reduces stress and depression
  • Promotes relaxation
  • A wonderful outlet for self-expression and creativity
  • And it’s FUN!!

    Take your first step today and begin enjoying the Benefits of Ballroom Dancing!.

Joint pain? NOT HERE!

Ease your joint pain by getting on the dance floor with us!
In a study published in the 2014 issue of Geriatric Nursing, adults who did 45 minutes of dance therapy, twice a week, significantly reduced pain in their hips and knees.

Dancing is the perfect way to get moving and stay in shape while going easy on your joints.

Now is the time to swap out your old gym routine for a ballroom dance lesson!


Physical Health

BALLROOM DANCE can decrease blood pressure and cholesterol, improve cardiovascular health, strengthen weight-bearing bones, help prevent or slow bone loss related to osteoporosis, lower the risks of obesity and Type 2 Diabetes, and promote increased lung capacity.

It can help speed up recovery after orthopedic surgery since it’s a lower impact exercise than jogging or biking. The posture and fast movements required in ballroom dance help enhance balance and stability, especially among older people (which can help prevent falls and stumbles).

Ballroom dance can even help sharpen your intellectual and mental abilities. A New England Journal of Medicine report looked at adults for 21 years, and found that dance was one of the only activities that improved both cardiovascular fitness and reduced the risk of cognitive impairments like dementia. To reap the full body-conditioning benefits of ballroom dance, dance for at least 30 minutes, four days a week.

Ballroom Dance is a Great Work-Out!

Increase Muscle Strength & Endurance.
Ballroom dancing contributes to the build-up of muscle strength because the act of dancing forces a dancer’s muscles to resist against their own body weight. The use of quick steps, lifts, twists and turns, will help you develop more muscle strength in your arms, legs and core as your lessons continue. Endurance (in this context) is the capability of your muscles to work harder and longer without succumbing to fatigue.

Ballroom dancing as exercise is particularly effective at building up your endurance – so as you work on your dance steps, you are conditioning your muscles to perform these feats with less and less fatigue. And the added benefit is that you’ll look and feel strong, toned and sexy

Great for All Ages.
Ballroom dance is a fun activity for everyone – from children to senior citizens, which is another reason it’s such an effective form of exercise. At Fred Astaire Dance Studios, we work with students of all age groups, physical abilities and skill levels – and will create a custom dance program that’s comfortable yet challenging, and will help you attain your dance AND exercise goals.

Burn Fat / Lose Weight / Increase Metabolism.

Ballroom dancing is a low-impact aerobic activity that burns fat and can boost your metabolism. In just thirty minutes of dance, you can burn between 200-400 calories – that’s roughly the same amount as running or cycling! Burning an extra 300 calories a day can help you lose between ½-1 pound a week (and THAT can add up quickly). In fact, a study in the Journal of Physiological Anthropology found that dance as exercise is just as effective for weight loss as cycling and jogging. Dance training is also an excellent form of maintenance exercise, to stay healthy and toned once you’ve reached your goal weight. And since ballroom dance is so much fun, you’re getting these benefits without feeling like you’re working out!

Increase Flexibility.
A reputable ballroom dance class will typically begin with a few stretching exercises, to get you prepped to execute dance steps with comfort & ease, and to protect against dance-related injury. Beginner dancers especially will notice that the more you dance, the more flexibility and range of motion your body develops. Increased flexibility will help your dance abilities, decrease joint pain and muscle soreness after exercise, and improve core strength and balance. Yoga and ballet stretches can be extremely beneficial as pre-ballroom dance warm-ups, but be sure to talk with your Fred Astaire Dance Studios instructor about a recommended warm-up regimen.