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Does the Sling TV Free Trial Automatically Renew?

Been thinking about Sling TV and want to try it before you buy it? Right now you can get an extended 14-day free trial but only for a limited time. The downside is if you take advantage of the 14 days trial offer for free you can’t also take advantage of the $15 a month deal for the 1st three months. Right now Sling TV has a rare sale offering a 3-month deal for just $15 a month for the Sling Orange and Sling Blue packages. Want both Sling Orange and Sling Blue? Right now, you can get both for just $25 a month for the first 3 months.

If you want this deal don’t wait though. Sling promoted this deal as a tax season offer so don’t expect this offer to be available once tax season ends. There is one catch with this deal as there is no free trial. If you want the offer you have to skip the typical 7-day free trial.

Does the Sling TV Free Trial Automatically Renew?

Yes, the Sling TV free trial and subsequent months of service will automatically renew until you cancel your service. Your Sling TV free trial will end on day seven following your initial account activation unless you cancel your subscription prior to that date.

Sling TV doesn’t disclose whether or not they send you a friendly reminder when your free trial is about to end; however, it doesn’t appear they do. So you will have to keep up with that yourself. On that note, it is not likely they remind you prior to your card being billed each month either. So, again, that is something you will have to remember on your own.

Sling TV free trial: How to sign up

Unfortunately, Sling has made it nearly impossible to sign up for a free trial through the web if they aren’t running a special promotion. But it’s easy to get the Sling TV free trial if you sign up through the app on a compatible platform:

  • Amazon Fire TV devices
  • Android tablets and smartphones
  • Android TV
  • Apple TV
  • iOS devices
  • LG TV Smart TVs
  • Roku
  • Samsung Smart TVs
  • Xbox One

1. Download the Sling TV app on any of those devices.
2. Open the app
3. Click the button that says Watch Now 7 Days Free
4. Enter your payment information. Note: Your credit card will be charged at the end of the 7-day free trial.

How Do I Cancel a Sling TV Subscription?

Sling TV subscriptions are prepaid and are provided on a month to month basis, so you can cancel at any time. If you want to cancel your Sling TV subscription, go to Alternatively, you can call their customer service department at 1-888-309-0838. Sling TV does not accept email cancellation requests. Once you cancel, your subscription services will continue through the end of your current billing period.

Does Sling TV have a contract?

No, it is a rolling contract meaning you can cancel or resume whenever you like. You can even have one month in one month on indefinitely. Useful if you don’t watch Tv in the hot sticky months but hibernate binge in the winter.

Sling TV free trial add ons

With your sling account or sling free trial, you will also be able to add several services onto your free trial. All these services are free for your 7 days with Sling TV if you add them.