Q. Where will the competition be held?

A. The Hyatt Regency Schaumburg, Illinois

Q. Should I get a room at the hotel?

A. It is always advised that our students should get a room to rest and store their personal belongings in. If you prefer not to get a room we will always have a dressing room available to you to change and store your items. However this dressing room is shared and we are not responsible for lost or stolen items. Please use the room block on our website for discounted room rates.

Q. How is check- in or registration handled for the competition?

A. There will be a registration desk that will have everything you need. Ask your studio for more details.

Q. Can my friends / family come and watch?

A. We encourage our students to share their experience with both their friends and their family. There is an admission fee per session and tickets are available at the door. For admission and family dinner tickets, please talk to your instructor or studio manager.

Q. What is the attire for the event?

A. The day sessions are a more casual attire for spectators. The Saturday evening dinner, show, & professional divisions dress attire changes for each competition, depending on the theme, ask your instructor for details! The ballroom is kept rather cool for the entire event, so it is advised that you bring a light sweater or jacket if you get cold easily.

Q. Is photography permitted or will you have a professional photographer available?

A. Photography is allowed, but professional photography isn't allowed and professional photography tools are not allowed either. We hire a professional photographer for the event.

Q. Is video taping permitted or will you have a professional company available?

A. Personal video is prohibited inside of the ballroom. We have a professional company who can video tape your dances and transfer them to DVD onsite before you even leave the event.

Q. Can I bring food into the ballroom?

A. Yes. Snacks are allowed to be brought into the ballroom if you are not on the food package for the competition. However, depending on the schedule you might find it difficult to obtain food given the short breaks in schedules. We always advise students to be on the lunch and dinner packages.