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BALLROOM DANCING is an elegant sport that works the body and the mind cohesively. You can be attired in a suit or a dress and burn calories at a rapid pace. It is not uncommon that the majority of ballroom dancers find themselves in the best physical shape after consistently enjoying 2-3 lessons per week in a fun, country club setting. Ballroom dancing and swimming are the only 2 sports that use the most muscles at one time. Ballroom dancers find new body awareness and begin to tone at a comfortable pace, while also drinking more water and eating more nutritious foods. Studies show that adults who enjoy ballroom dance lessons will diminish the chance of being diagnosed with dementia or Alzheimer’s, as the mind is in a constant learning mode along with the “right/left” directions and movement.


We all have trials and tribulations in our lives, whether it is illness, death, or just plain living in a rut. We sometimes reach out for what we think is going to “quick fix” the situation, for example, a vacation, drinking, and so on. This may appear to be just the thing we needed, but in the long-term, the Zen of mind and body together, along with a support team filled with encouragement, is the true ingredients for coping with day-to-day life. A good dance studio provides that mix.

On a typical day at a studio, hard-working clients walk in with life worn on their sleeves, but they dance out


Class, elegance, romance, and sport- these are the words that describe ballroom dancing and qualities that we need in our lives. There is a harmony that is apparent when an individual captures the feeling of dance. For couples, from newly married to empty nesters, make the time, 2-3 times per week, to enjoy one another in a musical, learning atmosphere. While only 40 minutes or so per session, this is precious time together. Many of our clients are single, so their purpose is different, but the end result will be the same-harmony in life, mental and physical fitness, a newfound of confidence in social situations, and a feeling of accomplishment.

As entertaining as the show “Dancing with the Stars” is to watch, with two seasons each year, it is not the reality of dance studios. Yes, there are beautiful ball gowns for women, and hot Latin pants for men, but our clients have lives and do not have eight hours per day to set aside for complete dedication to dancing.

It is a fact that taking a couple lessons per week does begin to change your lifestyle in a positive way. Like the DWTS show audience, children of all ages are enamored when they watch their own parents or grandparents dance harmoniously together, whether at a party, on the beach, or in the kitchen. It is romance engulfed in health and fun!

Rae Josephs

Rae Josephs, a 35 year veteran of the Fred Astaire organization, is the area director of the Illinois Fred Astaire Dance Studios with locations in Buffalo Grove, Burr Ridge, Mokena, South Barrington and the West Loop with a sixth location opening on the North Shore in 2014. Rae Josephs is a United States Open Rhythm finalist, stockholder of FADNA, member of the Fred Astaire National Dance Council, world adjudicator, choreographer and coach and a national motivational speaker for the company.


We are all born in a particular year and inevitably we will die in a particular year, so we must live the “dash” in between those years! Today we refer to it as our bucket list. It is time to scratch ballroom dancing off that list and enjoy the many benefits that lessons offer, above and beyond the individual dance steps. It is truly the dance journey that makes for a full and enriched life.

So whether it is Tango, Cha Cha, or Fox Trot that you are learning, the real gains are a new found network, enriched family time, new friends, and a year-round health schedule.

Music is around us, and it’s time to dance!

Good Moves Fitness by Rae Josephs