Studio Information


Dance Instructor

Anne is originally from Denmark. She started dancing when she was 3 years old. She participated in her first competition when she was 9 years old. From her first step onto the competitive floor, she knew that dance was her passion! She is educated in all different styles and disciplines of dance. When she was 16 she attended a school specializing in Musical Theater, Jazz, ballet, and contemporary. She was a lead dancer and choreographer for several of the school’s productions. She has an International Baccalaureate Diploma and she recently graduated from International Dance Academy, from Copenhagen Denmark, and Los Angeles USA. She is trained by some of the top choreographers and coaches in the world. She is educated in: Ballroom, Standard & Latin, Ballet, Ballet technique, Jazz, Jazz technique, Lyrical Jazz, Modern, Contemporary, Hip Hop, Girly style, Dancehall, Locking, Popping, Voguing, Waaking. She is also trained as a professional choreographer. Anne sees dancing as using your body as an instrument to tell the story of the music. She is very outgoing and caring and glad to be a part of the team!

Front Desk Executive
Maria was born and raised in Saint Charles. She began dancing when she was in 5th grade and started with ballet. She immediately fell in love with dancing and continued throughout high school expanding to hip hop and jazz. She shared her love of dance with her high school by competing with the Color Guard team for 3 years. Maria is known for dancing at family parties and social events, she is the first one out on the dance floor and gets everyone to join her. Outside of dance, Maria is currently a student at Elgin Community College and pursuing a degree in Sociology. She also enjoys writing, singing, photography, filming weddings and events and playing the ukulele. She is thrilled to be a part of the FADS team and loves working in such a fun and supportive environment. She enjoys seeing all the students making progress and is consistently amazed by the beauty of Ballroom Dance. Maria is thrilled to be able to help aspiring dancers along their journey and is excited to continue learning about the world of Ballroom.