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We know how important your wedding day is and we want to help you make it even more special. Our customized wedding dance program gives you the confidence and skill to perform a variety of dances.When that magical moment arrives, your friends and family will be amazed by your elegance, style and grace.

In a short amount of time, our qualified instructors can help you learn a few basic steps or choreograph the whole dance for you. Whether you want simple instruction or choreographed dances for the entire wedding party, we are here for you!

This is a great way to have fun and relax, enjoying the time together while learning how to dance. Your first dance is such an everlasting expression of love and commitment.

Be the star of your own wedding, as you glide across the floor in the most important dance of your life. It will be yours forever, and you will be able to have the gift of dance to share for the rest of your lives!

So come to Fred Astaire’s and give everyone a dance to remember.

From your honeymoon to fancy functions back home, there’s always plenty of opportunity to dance! You can go on to share the experience of dance for the rest of your lives.

By taking more wedding dance lessons with us, you can further develop your knowledge of patterns and the characteristics of each dance. Your increased dance skills will allow you to dance together beautifully at any social situation.

Dancing is an investment in fun, poise, and confidence! Share the gift of dance together for the rest of your lives!