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Tip 1: Cut Your Music

Have you ever been to a wedding and watched the first dance drag on for what seems like forever as the wedding couple just stands there and sways back and forth? Don’t be that couple. Even professional dancers often try to keep their routines to 2-3 minutes tops so the audience isn’t bored and they’re left wanting just a bit more.

Have your music edited professionally at the studio or ask your DJ to fade it out at a pre-determined point.

Another trick is to invite your parents or the wedding party out to share the floor with you after the first minute or two.

Tip 2: Know the Limits of your Dress

Ladies, when you go for your fitting, be sure to try moving around in your dress. Can you lift your arms above your head? Do your heels get caught in the hem? Would a swing dance just not work in your hoop skirt? Is your dress so “poofy” that you won’t be able to reach your partner? Is your tiara so tall that you won’t be able to do an underarm turn? Find out the answers to these questions early!

Tip 3: Shoes and Vaseline

Guys, if your patent leather shoes squeak when you rub them together, they may stick and trip you up. (Really, we’ve seen it happen.) Just rub a bit of Vaseline on them where they rub and you’ll be good to go

Tip 4: Dip, Don’t Drop

Wedding Tip #3
Gentlemen, when you dip your partner, make sure to keep your back vertically straight and don’t bend over her. Lower her a bit with your arms and make the dip look deeper by bending one knee.

We know it’s tempting to bend into the dip to plant one on her, but wait until you bring her back up. Leaning forward makes staying balanced difficult. We’ve seen grooms topple over and onto their brides more than once. Don’t let it happen to you.

Ladies, you can help him out a lot by keeping your back strongly arched when you dip. Let your head drop back in a relaxed way and keep your hips lifted. This looks elegant rather than stiff, which is what happens when you try to hold your head up. It also makes you much lighter in his arms because you are essentially supporting yourself and just using him for light balance.

Tip 5: Practice in your Skirt and ShoesWedding Tips

Get one of our ballroom practice skirts and wear it over your crinoline for several lessons. You both need to get used to having all that skirt swirling around your legs.

Don’t let the wedding be the first time you wear your shoes–break those puppies in. Let them adjust and stretch to fit your feet. Ladies get used to moving in your heels. Practice under conditions as close to what you’ll have on the big day as possible. The fewer surprises you have on the dance floor the better!